The TCDS presents: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The TCDS proudly presents: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? By Edward Albee January 19th - 8pm January 20th - 8pm January 21st - 2pm and 8pm George Ignatieff Theatre Directed by Lauren Ishak Tickets: $10- Students and Seniors $15-Adults Synopsis: History professor George and his wife Martha return home late one night from attending a faculty party at the home of the college president who also happens to be Martha’s father. Martha announces to George that she has invited one of the young new professors and his wife over for a drink. Fueled by alcohol, Martha and George proceed to use the young couple as a means to attack and break the other. TLDNR: Two couples meet late one night after a party and proceed to get very drunk and try ruin each other’s marriages. Content Warning: This show contains stage violence as well as strong language, sexual content and some racial slurs. Any questions on the content of the show can be forwarded to the director. CAST: George: Matthew Fonte Martha: Joanna Decc Nick: Aaron Hale Honey: Eiléanór O'Halloran CREW: Director: Lauren Ishak Stage Manager: Grace Marshall Set Designers: Emma Bailey & Camille Ligier Costume Designer: Rachel Chen Costume Assistant: Emma Norman Props Master: Sabryna Ekstein Lighting: Jacob Kay Sound: Ishita Pranjali Publicity: Esmé Lafleur Make-up: Rachel Copp Clark Producer: Braden Kenny Original Music by: Shreya Jha Fight Choreography: Emma Keil-Vine ASMs: Charlie Jupp-Adams & Luis Lopez Tech Assistant: Lisa Klekovkina Poster Design: Cameron Jones Painting by: Madeleine Bailey


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