TCDS Presents: If/Then

The TCDS is proud to present our final show of the season, If/Then! A fascinating, ambitious, and original musical, If/Then simultaneously follows one woman's two possible life paths, painting a deeply moving portrait of the lives that we lead and might have led. Elizabeth, a city planner, moves back to New York to restart her life in the city of infinite possibilities. When her carefully designed plans collide with the whims of fate, Elizabeth's life splits into two parallel paths. If/Then follows both stories simultaneously, as Liz/Beth face the intersection of choice and chance. Tickets are available now at . Tickets are 15$ for students and seniors, and 20$ for adults! Cast: Liz/Beth/Elizabeth: Annie MacKillican Lucas: River Oliveira Kate: Nova Dexter Josh: Brian Riback Anne: Emily Wong Stephen: Brent Nuevo David: Randy Chang Elena: Bronwyn Williams Busker/Architect/Deputy Mayor/Suit: Arunima Choudhury New Yorker/Impatient Man/Waiter/Biologist/Bartender: Isabella Gillard New Yorker/Preppy Man/Guidance Counselor/Photographer/Intern/Soldier: Hailey Marleau Cathy: Alice Guo Conductor/Pilot voiced by Jessie Cai Crew: Director: Becks Lefranc Music Director: Kevin Yue Stage Manager: Ishani Ranjan Choreographer: Alice Guo Producers: Ishani Ranjan, Becks Lefranc, Annie MacKillican (Anishacks MacFranjan) Lighting Designer: Shannon Dunbar Lighting Assistant: Theresa Naccarato Sound Designer: Jessie Cai Audio Engineer: Nam Nguyen Audio Technician: Kevin Yue Props and Set Designer: Vivian Cheng Set Assistants: Ellen Venus, Claire Ellis Costume Designer: Fakeha Jamil Costume Assistant: Andi Bui, Amy Witherspoon, Caroline Tolton, Jolie Leung Hair and Makeup: Becks Lefranc Graphic Design: Vivian Cheng Band: Bass: Mira Riselli Cello: Else Sather Drums: Keshav Sharma-Jaitly Guitar 1: Fernando Santana Suri Keyboard 1: Josh Sinclair Keyboard 2: Michael Denomme Reed 1: Dermot O'Halloran Reed 2: Kevin Vuong Trumpet: Boris Chung Flute: Joey Zhuang Viola: Shreya Jha Violin 1: Charlotte Wong Labow Violin 2: Elliot Chun Content Warnings: Strong Language Strobe Lighting Mentions of Death Mentions of Sex Discussions of pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion Non-consensual kissing Alcohol (social drinking)


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